How to use Yahoo Messenger on Linux

Q After finally getting my Internet to work in Mandrake 9, which I'm happy about, I want to install Yahoo Messenger. However, I ran into a problem. On the Unix site ( I'm not sure which option to choose because there isn't a Mandrake one. I know Mandrake was built on Red Hat but Mandrake has probably changed a lot since then and I don't have a clue where to start as I'm a newbie! Could someone please help me with this?

A A great way to use Yahoo with Linux is with Gaim (, which provides access to Yahoo, MSN, AIM and other instant messaging protocols. Mandrake is so very far separated from Red Hat at this point that the only common feature between the two is the use of RPMs. As such, it's rare for packages for Red Hat to work with Mandrake due to the differences in libraries.

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