Get a TV card working using TVTime and cx8800 driver

Q I bought a cheap TV card, installed it - and guess what? No go using TVTime. Rather than curse and swear, I did a quick check of dmesg, which showed that bttv had picked up the card and detected it OK but registered it to /dev/video1 rather than video0. Easily fixed but still no pictures. Googling found that the tuner had been detected at a type 5 and should have been 38. It all runs well now. My question now is how do I get the remote control running? The remote control provided connects to the TV card and not to a USB port. I can find a lot on how to use the remote with Lirc [Linux Infrared Remote Control] but I am stuck as I cannot find the device remote0 anywhere. I get the following putput from dmesg:

bttv: driver version 0.9.15 loaded
bttv0: detected: Leadtek TV 2000
XP [card=34], PCI subsystem ID is 107d:6609
bttv0: using: Leadtek WinFast 2000/
WinFast 2000 XP [card=34,insmod option]

Any suggestions on how to proceed? I have Mandriva and Debian 3.1 dual booting.

A I have the same card, and it took a bit of digging to get things running. First, bttv is the wrong driver for this card. You need to use the cx8800 driver. Both of your distros have this driver installed with the 2.6 kernels (but not the default 2.4 kernel of Debian). The cx8800 driver also handles the remote, sending its signals to /dev/input/eventN, where N is a number. If you have more than one such file,

cat /proc/bus/input/devices

will tell you which is the right one. Copy to /etc/lircd.conf and start Lircd (the Lirc daemon) with the following options.

--driver dev/input --device /dev/input/eventN

with the correct value for N, of course. Your remote should now work fully, with any Lirc-aware programs responding to the remote.

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