Apply GTK themes to KDE apps

Q I've been using Linux for a while, but there's something I've been puzzling over that I've never worked out. I use KDE for my desktop, but I still use some GTK apps such as Gimp. Is it possible to apply GTK themes to GTK apps running under KDE? If so, how?

A Yes, you can use Gtk-chtheme to preview and select GTK themes. The program is available from as source code or RPM packages. There's also a Debian package available from the various Debian repositories. An alternative solution is a module for the KDE Control Centre that adds a panel for GTK Styles And Fonts to the Appearance & Themes section. You can get this from This module allows you to select a theme in the same way that Gtk-chtheme does, or apply your KDE theme to GTK applications. I use both programs, because the KDE Control Centre module has no preview facility. I'd use Gtk-chtheme to browse newly installed themes, or the KDE Control Centre when I know which one I want. You may as well install both - some distros come with the KDE module pre-installed - and make up your own mind.

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