Installing Mandriva software from the CD/DVD drive

Q I have very recently installed Mandriva 2005 LE. The install went very well for a first time Linux user. But I have a problem with installing some of the additional programs. Sometimes I am informed that Mandriva needs to have my DVD in drive hda (my CD drive) and I must then hit Enter. When I put it in, the disc is immediately ejected - not surprising as it is a DVD! If I try putting the DVD in the DVD drive instead and hit Enter, the disc is again ejected. If I then simply try to abandon that task I am forced to end the session to do so. My /etc/fstab contains

/dev/hda /mnt/cdrom auto umask=0, user,iocharset=iso8859-15,codepage=850,noauto,ro,exec,users 0 0
/dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom2 iso9660 user,iocharset=iso8859-15,noauto,ro,exec 0 0

A This occasionally happens with Mandriva installations. Despite the installer running from the DVD drive, it will sometimes add the path to your CD-ROM (or CD-RW) drive to its list of software sources. In your case, it is looking at /mnt/cdrom when your DVD is mounted at /mnt/cdrom2. Fortunately, the solution is dead simple. Put the DVD in the correct drive and start the Mandriva Control Center. Go into the Software Management section and select Media Manager. This will show you a list of software sources - possibly only the DVD. Click on the DVD entry, press Edit and change the URL entry from removable://mnt/cdrom/media/main to removable://mnt/cdrom2/media/main, that is, the path to your DVD drive. Click on Save Changes and all should be well.

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