Getting SpeedTouch broadband modem to work in Linux

Q I have just installed SUSE 9.3 - my introduction to Linux. All seemed to go well except that it didn't recognise my SpeedTouch broadband modem. My ISP is Kingston Communications. As I'm a real newcomer to Linux (and an octogenarian to boot), would you please give me precise instructions as to how I can install the drivers (if indeed it's what I need)? All I can see when opening the file is what appears to be program coding.

A Lots of information on the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB modem, otherwise known as 'the frog', can be found at This includes open source versions of the drivers, as well as setup documentation to get you on to the internet using the modem. As you are running SUSE 9.3, you can follow the instructions at http:// to get it up and running. Many ISPs give you the option of using either PPP over Ethernet or PPP over ATM, although the SpeedTouch USB documentation recommends using PPPoA. In either case, you will need to follow the specific instructions for the PPP method used to connect to your ISP.

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