ATI video card problems with SUSE

Q I have an ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro AGP video card. I need help getting the video card installed and working with SUSE 9.2 Pro. I used an old 16MB video card to boot the system in order to flash upgrade the BIOS, as the onboard video wasn't working. My first attempt at switching the power on with the new card only gave me a black screen, and the monitor had a 'Check cable connection' message on the screen during the boot cycle. I have yet to get beyond this information on the screen. Can you help?

A If your machine doesn't show the BIOS boot screen with the ATI video card installed, it is likely a hardware issue. Most motherboards will beep with an error code during POST indicating why they don't like the hardware. We'd recommend returning this video card and obtaining a replacement, as it seems to be defective.

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