Fixing missing dependencies

Q I have SUSE 9.1 installed on my computers at home. The boxes all have KDE 3.2.1 installed. The SUSE web page has KDE 3.3 to download. I have downloaded all the required files. Now, how the heck do I install it? YaST doesn't let me see the files or maybe I am doing it wrong. If I use rpm, I have problems with conflicts with installed files, missing dependencies, or some files need updated packages in order to continue with unpacking. Please can you suggest another course of action? Also, I have noticed that some flavours of Linux (under KDE) make use of the Windows key on the keyboard to activate the menu. SUSE linux doesn't permit it or activate it. Now, it works with my laptop but not my desktop. I compare KDE settings and don't notice anything different. Mandrake does let you use the Windows key to activate KDE menu... How do I activate it? Is there any way to activate the internet keys?

A If you have already downloaded the packages, then you need to set up YaST to look for them. There is an option to add a new source of packages - point this at the directory where the downloaded files are. X actually controls how the keys are mapped, but assuming the key you want to use is recognised under X (the Windows key is usually mapped to 'F13') then you can change the use of the key in the KDE control centre. Launch it and open System>Khotkeys. SUSE should already be set up to pop up the K Menu with Alt+F1.

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