Which CMS should I use?

Q I work for a company with about 75 people in different departments, some of them technical, some of them not. I would like to have a content management system to hold all the data that could be shared within the organisation, ideally with the minimum technical input possible. Maybe text files or Word documents. Can you recommend one?

A As a matter of fact, I have looked into this issue recently and I'd like to share some of my findings. Mambo (get it from www.mamboserver.com) takes the cake: it's the most popular, most versatile and most configurable CMS. The only snag is that it has by far the steepest learning curve around, and from what I know, customisation involves delving into the code. I won't comment on the usual suspects - PHP-Nuke, Postnuke and the like - because they've been amply discussed elsewhere. I would like to mention TWiki here (http://twiki.org) because it is a nice little system, though before customisation it looks overwhelming to the non-techie.

But the CMS I liked the most was Exponent (www.exponentcms.org). It's the most configurable, the most straightforward and the most docile to the untrained eye. Just set up an underprivileged user in it, log in as that user and you'll see that in Edit mode it is nowhere as scary as the others - it's quite inviting and intuitive. One last thing - I'd invite you to look at www.opensourcecms.com, which has live websites of web systems that are reviewed and rated to help IT managers make up their own mind on the subject.

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