Edit Windows Apache http.conf from Linux

Q I am a newcomer to Linux, and am trying out Mandriva Linux before I make the switch from Windows. On my Windows setup I have installed Apache, PHP and MySQL - all of which I use to test my websites offline, before I expose them to the public. Everything works fine. In Linux, Apache auto- loads (I noticed this from a previous Mandrake install), and I have also installed PHP and MySQL. So far, so good. The problem is that all my data is on my FAT32 /Windows drives. I don't want to copy over the files to a Linux partition because then I wouldn't have access to them from Windows. So I would like to know if it's possible for Linux to access the Windows partitions for Apache, and what and where to write in the Linux Apache config file httpd.conf. I noticed the httpd.conf setup file for Apache is considerably shorter in Linux than it is for the Windows machine, so that's doubly confusing me about how to edit the file. Editing Linux line-ending files when in Windows is no problem, as I have an editor that will read and write both Windows and Linux formatted text files and line endings.

A You can edit the config file httpd.conf and adjust the DocumentRoot option to point to your web directory mounted from your FAT32 filesystems You can check with mount which filesystem is mounted where on the Linux file structure and point to the appropriate directory. Bear in mind that Apache doesn't much like files with spaces in them, and is case-sensitive under Linux, so your existing websites may not work exactly as they do in Windows. You can find httpd.conf in /etc/apache, which is generally well commented under Linux so you can easily adjust configuration options without worrying what they will do.

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