Knoppix not recognising BT Voyager modem

Q I tried the Knoppix Live CD, and it recognised almost all of my hardware except for my ADSL modem - for me, the most important bit of hardware by a mile. I have a BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL modem, which I received when I first went to broadband with AOL, and now use for my current ISP, Central Point. I have no idea where to go for drivers for this modem or how to go about installing them. The current drivers from BT also launch into the sign-on interface - would this come with any Linux- compliant drivers? I would like to install either Fedora or SUSE.

A The Voyager 100 is a popular modem, but it isn't supported by many Linux distributions. However, you can obtain drivers that will work with most systems. I'd suggest you head over to and scroll down till you find the EciAdsl Nortek section. Now download the .bz2 file, and reboot to Linux. Copy the .bz2 file to somewhere like /usr/src and start a shell prompt:

tar -jxvf eciadsl-usermode-0.10-
cd eciadsl-usermode-0.10-nortek-
make install
make cfg
cp GS7470_SynchFiles/gs7470_
synch01*.bin /etc/eciadsl

Now you have to configure the driver with the settings BT gave you. The VPI is 0 and the VCI is 38, and the password can be anything you want. When it asks you to choose a modem, type 10 and enter the chipset as GS7470. When choosing synch files, you want gs7470_synch01.bin. There is some other information in the tarball in case you run into problems, but this should be enough to get you up and running.

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