Installing a new kernel on Gentoo

Q I am using Gentoo Linux 2004.2 and am installing gentoo-dev-sources for the 2.6 kernel. The instructions said to use

make && make modules_install &&
make install

at the command line to build the kernel and install it in /boot and set up symlinks. No other action is required. I am having a heck of a time getting emerge grub to work. The error message is:

'/usr/sbin/ line 55:
a local command not found.
!!! ERROR: sys-boot grub
0.94-r1, failed !!! Function
src_compile, line 55, exit code
127 !!! (no error message)'.

I have tried the Gentoo forum and the drift seems to be that the kernel is not installed properly. Are there any additional steps? Everything went OK up to the emerge grub point. I can chroot and do /bin/bash.

A From the research I did, the error you see indicates that you need to upgrade Portage on your system. The specific release of Grub you are trying to install most likely expects functions to exist that are only in the most recent version of Portage. The process of compiling a kernel you mention is accurate, though you'll have to manually edit your lilo.conf or menu.lst files to ensure that your boot loader notices it. We like to modify the filenames of kernels, so rather than just bzImage we use vmlinuz- to indicate which version it is.

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