Find an ADSL modem that works with Linux

Q ADSL is hitting even rural areas of northern Scotland these days, hence my need for a suitable Linux-compliant wireless modem/router. I have identified a number of potential devices without knowing their Linux compatibility, which apparently depends upon certain chipsets:

  • Netgear DG834GT complete with PCMCIA transceiver.
  • Belkin F5D7632UK4.
  • Linksys wireless 4-port ADSL Gateway, WAG54-UK.
  • 3com Wireless ADSL modem/router complete with PCMCIA transceiver, 3CRWE754G72-AGBUN.
  • D-Link DSL-904 Wireless ADSL modem/router with 802.11g PCMCIA card.

Your advice on the devices that I've listed here, or any others that are suitable, would be much appreciated.

A The sure-fire way to get a DSL modem and router that works with Linux is to find one that will terminate your PPPoE or PPPoA session and hand off plain old Ethernet to your network. Even if it does not handle PPPoE itself and bridges it on to Ethernet, your Linux system can handle PPPoE out of the box very easily. You're right that the OvisLink doesn't have an ADSL modem built in. A device such as the Zoom X6 ( will do everything you need, and provide wired and wireless Ethernet access to the network. The D-Link DSL-904 on your list is also a good choice, but check that the card will work with Linux before you buy it. A quick search on Google will locate for you the appropriate Linux kernel configuration required to make it work.

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