US Robotics 56k modem on Linux

Q I've used Linux SUSE 9.2 for about five years, with a US Robotics 56k modem. I've just installed Homecall broadband from Installing on Windows went without any trouble but how do I install it on SUSE Linux? Homecall's help desk directed me to for a driver, which I downloaded and unzipped. That gave me KQD6_ 3.012 and ZZZL3.012. So are these files drivers, and how do I load them? My modem is a Thomson SpeedTouch 330.

A Detailed documentation on using the SpeedTouch modem with SUSE 9.2 can be found at Yes, the two files you downloaded are the correct files for use with your system, but you need to move them to the appropriate location, as per the HOWTO. Reader John Gregory has also sent in this advice about configuring SpeedTouch modems: "The easiest route to take is with SpeedTouchConf. will give chapter and verse on what to download, where to get it and how to install it. I have used it with a SpeedTouch 330, WinXP and three flavours of SUSE (2.4 and 2.6 kernels). At the start of the connection process a driver file is loaded into the modem by the OS. This only happens once unless you reboot or hot-unplug the modem. The driver file is the same as used for Windows but must be the correct version for the modem." Thanks John!

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