Managing email user accounts

Q Do you know of a decent user email account manager to allow someone of less technical knowledge to administer email accounts via a web-based control panel? We've set up sendmail on our server and can happily add accounts ourselves, but they want control of this.

A This really depends on what you want to do. If you want to make a single adminstrator responsible for every user on every domain or have an administrator for all the users on each domain, then you can use Webmin. Webmin comes pre-installed on all Rackspace's servers, but if you want to load this elsewhere you can download it from If you would like to give each user control of their own account, I can recommend two options. On the free software side there is Usermin (from the makers of Webmin). This allows users to change their passwords, set up mail forwarding, configure SpamAssassin and set up fetchmail, and that's just the mail aspect of Usermin. If you're looking for an officially supported commercial product, then take a look at Plesk. Plesk is a full virtual hosting control panel, and you can delegate control to users for many things, including mail. Bear in mind that running Plesk on Linux is less like running Linux and more like running a "Plesk Appliance". You cannot fully control the underlying Linux back-end like you used to.

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