SUSE Linux rebooting without graphical mode - only text mode

Q Having long wanted to get away from Windows and associated programs I installed SUSE Linux 9.2. Installation went a treat it was all really easy - up until the reboot, that is. At the end of rebooting Linux asks me for my login and password. Then it says something like 'Have a lot of fun with Linux', then a command line appears:


or similar. The machine whirrs away for about half a minute and nothing happens. What do I have to do?

A It sounds like you have successfully logged in to your new Linux system and are sitting at a shell prompt. One option is to type startx to start up a graphical desktop environment; although the fact that your system isn't booting into a graphical login system needs some investigation. Did you select a server install, or otherwise disable any X packages during the installation? A basic workstation install should keep you well away from any shell prompts.

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