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Linux answers to common problems | TuxRadar

Every issue of Linux Format magazine comes packed with the latest Linux news, reviews, features and tutorials, but along the way we answer technical questions from readers who write in. This huge archive of questions and answers has been building up for years now, and, rather than sit on it, we've put it online here for everyone to use.

So: from this page you can find your way around five years of LXF questions and answers. Some of them might be too old to be helpful to you, but if we can help even one person a day by putting these online then we think it's worth it. Thanks to long-time LXF readers Towy and Guy for their help in creating this archive - we couldn't have done it without you!

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We get a lot of people downloading our site for offline reading (we're flattered, honest!), so if you want to download the entire archive you should use this link. NB: please set your downloader to have at least a 5-second pause between pages, because a full download is several megabytes and isn't really fair on other users.

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